Getting Your Child Ready For College

It’s at the forefront of most parents’ mind: college. Where will your child go? How will they do? And most importantly, will they be ready? Well, you can’t answer the first two unless you’re a psychic, but we can help with the third one. There are ways to amp up your child’s enthusiasm and get them prepared to take on the college experience. Here’s how you can make sure your child is ready to attend college.


Take the Hard Courses

Colleges offer rigorous academic plans that can often prove overwhelming to new students. Having your child take some AP classes in middle and high school can help them prepare for the workload, and even get ahead on some of the lesson plans they’ll face in the future.

Read, Read, Read

Many students are shocked by the sheer amount of reading they have to do in college. Avoid this unwelcome experience by having your child make reading a habit early. They should attempt to do at least some reading every day. What they understand is just as important as the fact that they’re reading independently, so let them choose their material if it helps their enthusiasm.

Check Out College Prep

Some students thrive at college preparatory school; the challenging environment, rigorous academics, and focused nature allow them to flourish in ways traditional school simply can’t. Do a little research and talk to your child to see if college prep boarding school is the right choice for your family.

Know Your Tech

It’s hard to overstate the importance of technology in this day and age; it impacts almost every part of modern life. Your child may be savvy when it comes to navigating social media, but make sure they know an assortment of technical skills as well. They should be able to do at least basic activities on a computer. Have them take some courses if the school offers them to guarantee they stay ahead of the learning curve.

Take the Tests

Most colleges require an assortment of standardized tests; so get started on these early. Take prep courses if they are offered, and do practice tests frequently. This will help your child become comfortable with the whole test-taking process, dramatically reducing their stress and increasing their chances of a good score.

Get Help

The whole college process can be confusing and downright overwhelming. But you don’t have to navigate it alone; there are mentors, tutors, and counselors to advise and guide you in the right direction. See what resources your school offers; if they don’t fit your child’s needs, you can look for support outside the school system in the form of college counseling.

Get Involved

Finding the right college can be a group effort; you and your child are a team, working together to help them find the best place for them and their future goals. Help your child do research, and encourage them to get excited about the college process. After all, it’s their future you’re thinking about. See what they have to say, and make sure the college you decide on is one you’re both excited abou

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