Crucial Tips For Buying Bridesmaid Dresses

The idea of shopping fascinates most women because they get pretty, new things. Although buying bridesmaid dresses is usually stressful, it can also be fun if you plan everything properly.

Here are some tips that will make the experience better:


Prepare in advance

You should not expect your bridesmaids to drop everything they are doing when you call them. Just because it is your wedding does not mean that your friends and family members do not have plans. Get a date in everyone’s planners to ensure that they will not cancel on you at the last minute.

Once you choose the day that you are all free, you can all look forward to it without any trepidation. You can even make a whole day of it by having breakfast in the morning and drinks later in the evening.

Know what you are looking for

Do not just wander into bridal shops like a lost sheep. You need to have an idea of what you are looking for before walking into any store. Conduct some research so that you can get an idea of the type of dress that you want. If you cannot decide on any particular style, you should ask the store assistant to help you.

Because you will not be wearing the dress yourself, you need some input from the actual bridesmaids. In any case, the bridal party will be paying for its own dresses. Therefore, you should just select a color scheme and let the girls choose their own styles that will be flattering to all  your attendance. They should not have to patronize a cosmetic surgeon in  LV to look great in your big day.

Advise the bridesmaids on underwear

You do not want your girls to show up with impractical underwear when you are trying to find the perfect bridesmaid dress for the wedding. Ask them to wear appropriate underwear such as shape wear and strapless bras. This way, you will see exactly how they will look like on your big day.

Try on many options

When going bridesmaid dress shopping, you need to keep an open mind. Ask the bridesmaids to try on different styles of dresses in varying colors; this will make it easier to find the ideal outfit. What you have in mind might change once you see a dress that blows you away.

Think about hairstyles

As silly as it sounds, you need to consider the hairstyles that your girls will be rocking on D-day.


The way your hair is styled can completely change how an outfit looks. Therefore, you should keep that in mind when you go dress shopping with the girls. Straight, up, to the side, or loose curls – there are quite a few styles to choose from and you need to consider how they would all look with a certain dress.


When it comes to the length of your dress, the type of shoes that you wear is very important. Of course, if you opt for maxi dresses, you need to consider where the hem will sit on a pair of heels. Will your dress hide the heels and make you look lumpy? These are all things that you should consider when you go shopping.

Beware of extra costs

Before you even consider whether a dress is good enough, you should look at its price tag. You should also question the additional costs, including shipping fees and the cost of alterations. While you are discussing price matters, you should not be afraid to ask for a discount.

Do you think that shopping for bridesmaid dresses is too hectic? You should consider bespoke outfits such as custom-made Azazie dresses. A bespoke dress is the best choice if you want to buy something that fits well.


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