Cross stitch can be fun for everyone – Learn the tips and techniques for novices

The art or craft of cross stitch is definitely one of the most popular hobbies in the entire world. While it is easy to learn and easy to do, cross stitch nothing but simple embroidery which is stitched with a number of X stitches which can create a lovely design. This is an indeed fun craft which is mostly referred to as counted cross-stitch since the pattern will need the crafter to count the total number of spaces in order to know where you should place the stitches. Usually, cross stitch patterns are usually done by utilizing a woven fabric which is called Aida cloth. There are skilled cross stitch crafters which create some awesome projects by stitching on plastic and different papers too. Here are some tips and techniques on cross stitch patterns that you should learn.

What are the different types of cross stitch?

There are mainly 2 methods of working on cross-stitch patterns. They are:

  • Stamped patterns: This might be considered as one of the easiest options as the crosses are marked on fabric but it is vital to cover the transferred lines because they won’t wash out.
  • Counted patterns: This is worked from a printed chart where symbols represent the positioning and color of each stitch. The picture will even appear on the fabric on which you’re about to make the cross stitch.

What are the basic stitches used in cross stitch embroidery?

Quarter stitches, half stitches and three-quarter stitches are usually called fractional stitches as they are various divisions of the cross stitch. Fractional stitches are known as advanced stitches are advised for more of the experienced stitchers. Here are 6 of the basic stitches which are used in cross stitch embroidery.

  1. Cross stitch: An embroidery stitch in the shape of an X is called cross stitch
  2. Quarter stitch: A quarter stitch is more like a half stitch but it is half the length of the half-stitch and reaches to the center of the stitching square. Quarter stitches are generally used to create details or to complete off with a three quarter stitch which has been stitched in a different color.
  3. Half stitch: The half stitch is more like a diagonal stitch which is done from one corner of the square to the other corner. There are some designs which use the half-stitch to add texture to shadows and backgrounds.
  4. Three quarter stitch: Three quarter stitches are utilized to create curved design lines. This is more of a fractional stitch which makes it possible to add detail to the blocky look of conventional cross stitch.
  5. French knot: The French knot is a decorative stitch which is used to add detail in the cross stitch. French knots look awesome clustered together in order to create texture or serve as a center of a flower.
  6. Back stitch: This is a straight stitch used for lettering or outlining.

Therefore, if you’re interested in cross stitch, you can get your cross stitch kits and start off with your favorite design.

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