Can writing about current trends lead to a promising career as a journalist?

The convenience of online services has changed the way in which many people source their news. Some even say that newspapers and magazines are doomed because everyone now gets their information from their favourite blog. There’s no doubt that there is a lot of truth in this, as some high profile daily newspapers have already gone online and the popularity of blogs continues to soar. So, what does this mean for you if you want a career as a journalist?


In the old days you would need a degree or to have studied a journalism course to get a foot on the ladder, however, today things are much more open. As so many people read multi-topic blogs, often with some degree of a focus on fashion and style, writing about current trends can be the way to be noticed.


Being a professional writer used to mean getting ‘into print’, but today the digital world makes it easy to build up a portfolio of work that other people can access and assess online. There are plenty of ways to publish free online with various blogger sites and social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook being great for spreading the word and building up a following.

Journalistic skills

Of course, there is a big difference between someone who just gushes about their latest purchase or an opinion and someone who is genuinely promoting his or her own journalistic skills. Deciding what to focus on in your online content is the first big step to prove that you have what it takes to be a real journalist, and that means spotting stories ahead of the curve and writing about things before other people catch on.

Are you a journalist?

So, if you have a blog featuring well written up to the minute content and you’ve managed to build up a loyal and regular reader base, can you consider yourself a fully-fledged journalist? For many this actually come down to whether or not your writing is paying the bills. If your blog isn’t attracting the attention to make money from advertising or sponsors, how can you make the transition to making a living out of your passion?


This is where the old rules still apply. Alison O’Riordan is a great example of a talented writer who has come to the attention of editors and publishers and is building a solid reputation as a current affairs writer. Her work for TheJournal in Ireland covers a wide range of hot topics and displays her intimate knowledge of what’s going on in front of and behind the scenes.

Keep writing

Whatever stage you are at, whether you are just putting your first blog piece online or have already managed to be published by established news outlets, the most important thing to remember for any promising journalist looking for a long term career is to just keep on writing and producing good work.

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