Whether you are growing cannabis for the first time or have been at it for a long time, led grow lights can be a good option for your indoor grow. Led lights are well known for their energy efficiency and day by day they are becoming more popular as days go by. And most of the best-led lights run between 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours of continuous operation.

If possible, its best to use between 50 watts and 80 watts per square foot when using LED grow lights. And worry not since you will not be required to change bulbs in between the season, helping you save money and time. For many years LED grow lights have given comparable yields to other bulbs. Here are some of the most popular advantages of led lights.

Energy saving

Led lights produce the same amount of light as any other bulb, emits less heat and consumes minimum electricity. This makes them best grow lights for the efficiency and low heat that caters to the plants’ growth. Testing conducted between High-Pressure Sodium (HPS)lamps and the led lighting bulbs showed that LEDs decrease energy by 40%.

Easily controllable

Spectral control has the possibility of each of it being independently controlled, and the dimming control enables the grower to customize the proportion of wavelength. This also includes the timing/scheduling of the lights allowing the grower to program them to a manual choice of the spectrum and intensity for each hour of the day.

Easy to install

They are easily installed in smaller grow rooms, the costs are usually, and the designs are mostly all-in-one-package, and all it requires is a simple plugin and hung up to assure airflow and stable temperatures. As a grower, you don’t have to worry about hanging any reflectors or even the grow space overheating.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Many led lights have this quality, therefore, making it easy for watering the plants. They are coded as I.P., called ingression-protection code which stands for indicating that the product is “dust tight”.


Unlike other bulbs like HPS and M.H. bulbs, which contain mercury and release toxic vapors when they break, LED grow lights are considered the safest because they are not entirely metal free and do not contain mercury, their light diodes are petite, and the risk of breaking is minimal. This means that it could be extra beneficial to grow with LED lights.

Increased lifetime

This is probably the most significant advantage among all, led grow lights have an increased lifetime. The light emitting diodes are very efficient and low in energy use which makes them last up to eleven years of continuous lighting or up to twenty-two hours of half time operation.  In an indoor place where consistent lighting is essential, it is advisable to have long lifetime bulbs because this ensures less frequent maintenance, service, time and cost.

Lower electricity Cost

Led lights require less amount of watts to deliver the same amount of light as other grow bulbs. According to research grow rooms require less air conditioning setup systems. This means that you will be dealing with low electric bills, which is a plus on your side.


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