A Look At The Greatest Electric Guitarists of All Time

Throughout the years the world of music has witnessed some of the most incredible men and women on the planet who have used their guitars to make sweet melodies that have blown the World away. There have been so many outstanding guitarists that for this list we have decided to focus solely on those who used the power of electricity to channel their stomping rhythms and ear shattering noodles. Me and my buddy Tom Hess put this list together and you may or may not agree with us but nonetheless, here are our picks for greatest electric guitarists ever.

Jimi Hendrix

We had to start here, the man who blended rock, blues and psychedelia in perfect unity and a man who turned playing the guitar into a circus-like performance. Hendrix would pick the strings with his teeth, play behind his back, set his guitar on fire and use the wah-wah peddle in a way that would make the ears of your unborn grandchildren explode.


King personified the blues and his guitar playing skills knew no bounds, he holds the utmost respect in guitar playing community and has made a career of over 50 years thanks to that sweet vibrato style of his.

Keith Richards

The Rolling Stones were have been a rock and roll juggernaut since the 60s and in the front seats were charismatic frontman Mick Jagger, and Chuck Berry disciple axeman, Keith Richards. Richards could not only write great lyrics but he was also the architect of some of rock and roll’s greatest riffs.


More known for his flamboyant style, changing his name to a symbol and his impressive 80s mullet, Prnce is actually an outstanding guitar player. You only need to listen to that crunching solo on Purple Rain to gain an understanding of the skill of his playing style and when he stood in front of a packed Suerbowl crowd in 2007 and requested ‘Can I play this guitar,’ it is no surprise that the response was a resounding cheer, underrated and immensely talented/

Jimmy Page

Page had his roots in the blues from an early age and was a session musician until he formed Led Zeppelin, the group that defined what it was to be rock and roll. Page used the Zeppelin vehicle to show off his most outstanding guitar work from the notorious Stairway to Heaven to the stomping Black Dog and created a sound with six strings that was the equivalent to 8 men playing the same guitar.

Chuck Berry

This list wouldn’t be complete without the grandfather and likely founder of rock and roll guitar playing. Chuck Berry’s style was fun, frenetic and he created a sound which you simply could not listen to without tapping your foot, bobbing your head or dancing to. The staccato which Berry perfected can still be heard throughout rock music today.

Honorable mentions

Angus Young

Kirk Hammett

Joe Satriani

Les Paul





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