The word ‘Beautiful’ is one of the most commonly used words to describe a lot of things or places. Thailand isn’t just beautiful, it’s aesthetically wonderful. There are many interesting places to visit with awesome biking experience that helps you take in the breathtaking landscape. Motorcycle tours in Thailand offered us a historic and memorable ride.

From the first day here, we were treated to a nice reception by the guide who I must add, was quite courteous and generous with information to our numerous questions. Our luggage was managed each day during the road trip (hotel to hotel). We looked forward to having a good time soaking up all the fun.

The next day the guides led us to our bikes and we kicked off the motorcycle tours in Thailand by heading-off to various locations. First was through Northern Thailand and wild Northwest Laos. The views before us were so spectacular; we stopped and took it all in for a while. There was a great variety of landscapes including jungles, rivers, and mountains.

We were eager to visit the Golden Triangle where Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar meet. It was beautiful. Even though we’d been through the Mekong River and become fatigued, being at the Golden Triangle put that all into perspective. We were all glad that we chose to have a motorcycle tour in Thailand and that the experience would be one we would always cherish.

We also visited the tea plantations in the countryside, rice paddies (Thailand grows and exports rice) and enigmatic temples. Our guide also took us to the collapsing French mansions from colonial times. We were all from different nationalities and could identify with what was before us. This was history all over again and I was intrigued by it all.

They say you haven’t really been to Thailand if you don’t visit the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sukhothai, and Luang Prabang. Imagine hundreds of years of religious, cultural, military and environmental history trapped in these locations. We all had cameras and proceeded to take our own accounts of the natural phenomenon’s we came across.

The ‘Sukothai Loop‘ was particularly enthralling as we came across beautiful scenes in Nan and the Sikirit dam. Our guide, who always encouraged a friendly atmosphere, explained how the dam was built while we took several pictures with different backgrounds.

The roads may have been wearily winding but the open spaces in the wilderness that led to captivating views of exotic mountains were awesome to behold. The people we came across were positive, hospitable and friendly. They were eager to help us in any way.

My views would not be complete without a take on the local cuisine. The food in Thailand was surreal with a spicy taste that gave up several flavors. I dug deep whenever we ate and seriously considered relocating permanently. (Just kidding!). However, I would not hesitate to go on another motorcycle tours in Thailand.

Motorcycle tours in Thailand invigorate the senses and let you have an intimate relationship with Mother Nature. You get to sync with her and nothing bothers you.




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