7 Things to Consider Before Getting Married

Most of us dream of an ideal life, and it usually involves the chance to get married.

Some people are blessed with this opportunity, some chose to live alone, and others chose to separate. We’ve heard so many news about divorce, sadly, almost 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. 

Did you ever wonder why many marriages fail? 

It’s hard to guess, but there’s one thing that you can do. 

To think before saying I do. 

Before tying the knot

Before you tie the knot, you have to be sure of what you are about to do and that you understand how sacred the sacrament of marriage is. 

Once you decide to share your life with a person, you become one and the same. Not only should your wedding be the most important event in your life, it also is a financial stress for the both of you. You should make sure that you have finally found “The One” in your partner before committing yourself to each other. 

In this post, I will share with you 7 things that you should consider before getting married: 

  1. If you really love your partner. Marriage should be considered a sacred ceremony. Simply agreeing to marry just because you are excited to do so or just jealous of all your friends who are getting married, or maybe pressured by family is wrong and should be avoided as this would often just cause marital problems between the both of you in the future. You should make sure that you really love and would be able to spend the rest of your life with the one you are marrying. 

  1. If you love each other regardless of your flaws. Once you’re married, you should be willing to accept each other’s flaws for the rest of your lives. Changing your behaviour for another is difficult. Although, it’s possible to compromise with each other, it is still important to be able to accept them if they wouldn’t be able to change. 

  1. If you are financially capable of marriage. Marriage can be pretty expensive, especially if you are planning to have a grand one. You should consider your financial capabilities – ask yourself if you can cater to everything needed for the wedding, and even after the wedding. Maybe you could compromise and choose an option that you could both afford. Also, you should be able to discuss everything essential not just for your wedding, but even for your life after that, like how you will handle your finances, will you be needing family lawyers in Parramatta, Sydney, or New York that may be able to help you manage debts, assets and shares, to simple things like who will do the chores.

  1. If you both want children. You might be thinking of starting a family, but you should take into consideration if both of you want the same number of children, or if you want to have kids at all. Children are a blessing so you should also take into consideration whether you would be able to take care of them and give them all the love and attention they need.

You also have to consider if you are open to adopting in case your partner wants to or if both of you are unable to bear a child. Take into consideration the cost of adopting, as well as if you have enough time to process everything.

Having different visions in your family’s future could cause problems in the long run. The both of you should think whether you want children, how many, and compromise to suit both of your preferences.

  1. If you could get along with your partner’s family and friends. Once you get married, you would see your partner’s family and friends more often. You have to be sure that you can get along nicely with them. You should also make amends with them if you had any disputes in the past. Remember that after you get married, they will be your family and friends too, so you should be able to have a harmonious relationship with them.

  1. If you could both give each other some space. Despite the unity a marriage brings to a couple, you should not forget that you should still give some space to each other. Some alone time could be helpful to keep your marriage healthy. Your partner should be able to meet some friends or go to the gym without you. Time spent without each other could highlight the time you do spend with each other, making them more memorable to both of you.

  1. If you are both willing to make it work. Finally, if you really love each other, despite the obstacles that may come your way and be able to work your way out of it, the go for it. If both of you are willing to go through all heights just to be with each other, then you are prepared to get married. Your love for each other alone would be enough to make your marriage eternal. 


Final thought 

Exciting as it may sound, getting married is a commitment that will require your time, attention, patience, dedication and love. It’s better to be sure, than to end up being unhappy.


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