5 Really Cool Hair Cuts

Are you stuck in a hair-style rut? This summer could be time for a change. The perfect hair cut for you will depend on your face shape, hair type and personal style. Here are five really cool options to get you started!

Undercuts are an excellent option for those wanting to add some cool points to their look. Undercuts are a fun style, and can be used to create many different fashion looks. Try wearing your undercut with an all-black outfit for a modern gothic vibe, fitness clothing for a sporty look or a vintage dress for an avant-garde retro futurist look. If you work or study in a conservative environment, undercuts can easily be disguised by wearing your longer layers over the shaved section of hair.

Bob haircuts are the ultimate in chic, becoming extremely popular especially amongst the high-fashion crowd. They are definitely the hair cut of the moment, being seen on everyone from street style stars and celebrities to bloggers and beauty editors. Part of the reason behind the bob’s popularity is their adaptability. There is a bob to suit everyone, including curly bobs, sleek chin-grazing bobs, a-line bobs, asymmetric bobs and long “pobs” (posh bobs). Try combining a bob with an undercut for a super modern style.

Pixie cuts have been in the spotlight a lot lately, with celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Carey Mulligan rocking the look. Despite being currently trendy, the pixie cut is also a tried-and-true classic associated with fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn. They best suit women with small faces and delicate features. Pixie cuts can be worn all-natural for a low maintenance look, or get creative with gels, waxes and pomades to create edgy effects. Beware: the pixie is a bold look, not for those who don’t like attention!

For ladies with kinky hair, the classic afro is making a comeback. 1970s style has seen resurgence lately, and more and more black ladies have tired of weaves and chemical straighteners, instead opting to embrace their natural texture. Afros can be worn as a large rounded halo, sculpted into creative shapes or tied into afro puffs. The afro is a rather tricky and high-maintenance style, but the results are very striking, glamourous and worthwhile for those who take the time to achieve it.

For ladies who prefer long hair, try a layered cut with a fringe. This hair cut works especially well on women with long faces or large foreheads, and is easiest to achieve with straight or wavy hair textures. Long layers and a fringe suits many different styles: let your hair dry naturally and pop on a simple white shirt and cigarette pants for a French it-girl feel, or tease it up and wear with denim jeans, a leather jacket and statement makeup for a rock-chick look. Fringes can be high maintenance, requiring regular trims and washing to keep them in tip-top shape. Find a hairdresser who offers complimentary fringe trims in between regular haircuts.

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