How to Choose the Perfect Fancy Dress Costume

Fancy dress parties are more popular than ever, and are enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you’re a university student, a young professional, or a mature adult, you’ll be encouraged to wear fancy dress for club socials, parties and stag and hen nights. Fancy dress parties are historically interesting and can be traced back to carnivals in seventeenth century Italy. The freedom and anonymity of carnivals, masquerades and masked balls appealed to party goers in eighteenth century Europe and Victorian England. If you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party or are thinking of hosting one yourself, follow these simple guidelines for fancy dress success.


Things to Consider

Some parties will already have a determined theme, and popular ones include historical, professions and animals. If you’ve been invited to a professional or family gathering, it’s best to stay away from risqué costumes that show a lot of skin. However, if you’re attending an adult party with friends, you can use your judgement. Think about the weather and what kind of costume you will be comfortable in. If it’s winter, you may want to choose something warmer so that you’re not shivering or wearing a coat over your costume all evening.

Original Costumes

If you’re feeling uninspired by the hordes of sailors, fairies, princesses and police officers, you may wish to create a more original fancy dress costume. Don’t feel constrained by what you can order online. You can always make your own costume using things you already own, and simply add accessories. Try to work from your personal interests and consider your preferences in terms of sports, the arts and favourite films and TV programmes. If you’re planning a particularly elaborate costume, think about you budget in advance and browse costume retailers like Ace Fancy Dress to get an idea of the cost. It’s definitely a good idea to shop around for bargains, and remember that you can find a lot of accessories second hand. Group costumes are a great choice if you’re going to the party with likeminded friends. If you’re part of a couple, consider dressing up as a famous pairing.

Mistakes to Avoid

It’s advisable to avoid costumes that are tied to different cultures. Dressing up as a Mexican, a Geisha, a Native American and wearing ‘blackface’ are considered offensive cultural appropriation. Using someone else’s culture as a dress-up idea is believed to promote damaging stereotypes. Keep the occasion fun and don’t be tempted by that Native American headdress.

Luxuriating in the Advantages of Leather

Leather is one of the most widely used and popular materials for creating clothes as well as accessories. The fabric has been used by cultures all over the world for various purposes, and with good reason. Not only does leather look good, it feels good and lasts for years to come. Anyone who is shopping for clothing or an accessory that will add to their fashion sense and something that will remain in style will want to take a closer look at the advantages of buying leather.




Durable accessories like leather wallets for men or anything else made of leather is sure to be able to stand up to a great deal of punishment. Leather is an extremely durable material, and that’s especially true if the leather is of a good quality. Usually leather manufacturers will do everything they can to get the most use out of the leather that they use in order to make it as durable and resistant to wear and tear as possible. High quality leather usually costs more than shoppers might be willing to spend, but it will most certainly be worth it in the long run. Good leather can be passed down from generation to generation and still look just as good and be just as durable as it was when it was first purchased.




Not only is leather study enough to endure the tides of time, it’s also durable enough to endure the tides of fashion. A leather briefcase, jacket, wallet or purse speaks volumes about a person’s sense of style and about who they are. Leather is strong, natural and has a certain elegance about it. Vintage leather goods stand out, and more and more designers are creating leather goods that have a vintage look to them. No matter what they look like, leather goods will always be fashionable.


Not only that, but leather goods simply look better than plastic, cotton and a majority of other materials. One thing to keep in mind is that genuine leather can have small signs or scratches on it, which is a good indicator of its high quality and the fact that it isn’t man-made.


A Natural Fabric


Anyone who has sensitive skin knows how much synthetic fabrics can irritate their skin. Not only that, but synthetic fabrics aren’t always good for the environment. Leather is a natural fabric and tends to make people feel better about the choices they make when it comes to the clothes they wear and the accessories they carry. There is more information than ever about the dangers and disadvantages of synthetic materials and products, and buying genuine leather is a great way to avoid harming the environment and the buyer’s health.


It Breathes


Another great thing about buying leather is that it breathes well. Imagine sealing a leather briefcase up in a room for a full year. When that room was reopened, there wouldn’t be any fungus, mildew or bad air to worry about. In order to make sure that the leather will look just as good as the day it was sealed up in the room, it has to be well taken care of. Doing so will help the leather to retain its natural appearance and quality.


Rather than take a chance on questionable or less expensive fabrics and materials, opt for leather wallets, briefcases, tote bags and other quality leather goods.

How to Stay Fit, Productive, and Look Great

The women who wear Christie Brinkley wigs have a few things in common.  In particular, they tend to care about their physical appearance.  They prioritize exercise and make an effort to look great wherever they go.  This can be difficult if you have a busy life.  Fortunately, the following tips can help you stay fit, productive, and beautiful.

Exercise Smart

When it comes to exercise, make sure to be smart about it.  Although many women wish they could spend their entire day at the gym to perfect their figure, this is rarely a reality.  Instead, it is more likely to get in 30 to 45 minutes of exercise each day.  If you aim to exercise for this amount of time, you will probably get your workouts in each day.  Furthermore, the following suggestions can help you get the most from your efforts:

•    Pick a workout that you enjoy.
•    Skip the gym if you get distracted and socialize with others.
•    Participate in classes if you need motivation from a teacher.
•    Mix up your activities so your body benefits from different types of exercise.
•    Focus on quality exercise instead of quantity.
•    Provide your body with proper fuel before the workout to maximize your performance.
•    Listen to upbeat music.
•    Know your limits, so your body can workout again the next day.

Staying Motivated

It is easy to lose motivation when it comes to exercise.  After all, it is not always fun to wake up early to go running or spend your nighttime hours at a workout class.  For this reason, proper motivation is important.  You can stay motivated by setting weight loss goals.  In addition, you can exercise with friends to make the process more enjoyable.  Furthermore, whenever you find that you lack motivation, it might be time to switch up your workout plan.

Quick Beauty

Most women want to look and feel great everyday.  This does not have to involve several hours in the bathroom.  Instead, many people can take advantage of quick beauty tips to improve their appearance.  The following are helpful ways to shorten your time in the bathroom each day:

•    Get a keratin treatment so you can spend less time styling your hair each day.
•    Wash your hair every other day.
•    Use hair extensions or clip on hairpieces.
•    Use all-in-one face creams that contain sunscreen, moisturizer, anti-aging ingredients, and coverage.
•    Apply a lip-gloss with a built-in stain so you do not have to use lipstick.
•    Get eyelash extensions so you can skip mascara in the morning.
Time Management

Finding the time for exercise and beauty is one of the biggest challenges for most women.  Fortunately, with the proper time management skills, it is easier to fit these necessary activities in your life.  Make sure to manage your time properly throughout the day and understand what your priorities are.  When it comes to exercise and beauty, it is acceptable to prioritize them above other activities.  Just remember, you might have to skip a TV show or a little bit of extra sleep.

When you lead a productive lifestyle, you will have the ability to stay fit and look your best.  This will allow you to look great wherever you go.

Get Ready for Summer with Hot Trends for Women

While trends come and go, there are certain women’s clothing fashions that remain constant as the weather gets warmer. Summer styles for women range from basic tees and tops to textured tops ideal for a summer evening out. Staying cool doesn’t just mean summer dresses and skirts. A pair of white shorts and a striped short-sleeve top are perfect for a day at the beach or a casual stroll. A Sahara print t-shirt works well with solid color shorts or pants. An asymmetrical hem top is a fashionable update from a traditional tank. An embellished woven top is ideal for women preferring to embrace the still-hot throwback look for summer. A cap sleeve eyelet duet top creates an appealing layered look without too much added texture. Today, summer fashions for women are all about comfort and personal style with a wide selection of fabrics and colors.
Once considered for fall and winter wear only, stylish sweaters can also be part of a woman’s summer wardrobe. Short-sleeve shell sweaters, for instance, add texture without restricting airflow. A floral print sweater or a solid trim striped sweater with a v-neck can create unique styles while retaining the comfort of a traditional sweater. Just about any summer outfit can be completed with fun accessories. Something as simple as a hat can add pizzazz to any outfit. Retro remains hot with classic sunset and floppy hats perfect for lazy summer days or an afternoon of working in the garden. Even a baseball hat can become fashionable with studs and jewels. The trend for this summer is thinking out of the box with versatile accessories like tie-dyed floral print scarves. Any summer style can be topped off with a fashionable beach bag or a pair of sunglasses, ranging from classic Aviators to animal print readers.


A Brief History of Ecco Shoes, One of the World’s Best-Known Brands

Ecco was founded by Karl Toosbuy, a man with a real dream. His dream was to start his own business, running a shoe factory. He had been trained to make shoes from being very young and worked his way up to the top. By the time he was in his 30s, he was the manager of a shoe factory in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen. However, although he managed it, it wasn’t his business.

By this time, Toosbuy was a married man with a family. Together, they decided that he needed to follow his dream. Hence, he gave up his job, sold his home and uprooted his family to the west coast of Denmark, to a town called Bredebro. This is just to the north of the border with Germany. The family, being Karl, his wife Birte and their 5-year old little girl Hanni, had to rent a small house where they lived while taking over a small community factory. This factory was built specifically to give people in the local area jobs, as the two relied heavily on agriculture.

Indeed, the entire area is a vast expanse of farmers’ fields. However, The Toosbuys had decided to make a go of their factory and that is what they did. At first, they only made Venus shoes, which were designed for women. They worked hard and saw little returns. The hours were grueling, the problems they faced were enough to bring anyone down and they wondered for a long time whether they had made a massive mistake.

However, towards the end of the 70s, Ejnar Truelson, one of their designers, came up with the JOKE line, which was truly revolutionary. Ejnar designed a range of other shoes and the design of some of these are still being used to do. To further grown his business, Toosbuy invested in a direct injection machine, which meant all the shoes were made with high-tech production. He knew that the machine would be a success and bought another one. It is a good thing he did so, because the ECCO shoes were a huge success and continue to be so to this day. So why not shop our collection of ECCO shoes?

Fair Trade Clothing

Fair trade clothing is a different approach to trading internationally which is helping artisans that create clothing a better opportunity. The clothing is not from a large factory but often made in a small home or business by local women. The idea behind the fair trade clothing is known as a holistic approach where a fair wage is paid to the workers as well as building a stronger relationship within the community and maintaining cultural traditions.

The best reason to purchase fair trade clothing is the wonderful styles you will be able to wear that are hand crafted. This means that each item is created by hand by artisans that often have had the craft passed down from generation to generation. When you purchase these items, you are not only getting some of the hottest fashions but also helping women and artisans work their way out of poverty.  Dsenyo works with more than 90 producer partners in Malawi, Africa and Northeastern, Brazil to bring you the best styles on the market in the way of fair trade clothing.

When purchasing fair trade clothing you want to use a company that also has a commitment to the environment, which includes using sustainable fibers such as organic cotton, jute, and buriti palm as well as low impact dyes as well as other factors. Companies that offer fair trade clothing are helping families work their way out of poverty while providing them the aid they need in building their business, via support, training, and the materials needed to complete orders. In the majority of cases especially with Dsenyo all partners are given a fair local wage that is equivalent to the salary of a teacher, which is close to four times above the minimum wage in the area.

Not only do these women have the opportunity to increase their income and help their families, but they also receive business and technical training as well as order management. Many of these women are using the money they earn to provide a better education for their children or for improving their community.

Fair trade clothing is a wonderful opportunity not only for the families that are seeing a brighter future but also for those that purchase the clothing. The unique styles, designs, and artisanship cannot be duplicated and offer the wearer eco-friendly clothing that are fashionable.

If you are looking for that perfect outfit for yourself or for a friend, fair trade clothing could be exactly what you want. Remember, you will not only be obtaining a stylish outfit, but you will be helping a family fight the plight of poverty and provide a brighter future for their children. Fair trade clothing are affordable, stylish, and of course unique. Start looking at your options for the upcoming season and look your best. All of your friends will be envious and will want to know where you found such a cute skirt or top. Let me know so the word spreads about fair trade clothing and help a family at the same. Click here to shop for fair trade clothing.

Ten Simple Ways to Impress Your Girl

best-cruises-for-couplesYou probably already know that it is easy to get a girlfriend but not nearly as easy to keep her! Many people, men in particular believe women are hard to understand, but in fact, they are fairly easy to understand. You simply have to take care of the small things and life together becomes so much smoother. Having a good healthy relationship is not difficult, but you need to understand some basic things about your significant other in order to keep her happy. When you have found that one special person and want to spend your life together you should know what makes her happy. Consider the following tips that will help you keep the passion going and make her fall for you over and over again.

10. Don’t Say I Love You

Saying you love her is not enough you have to show her in your actions and responses to her. She needs to know without a shadow of a doubt that you really love her, not just, that you can say the right words. Guys are not big on expressing their feelings even verbally but it is mandatory if you are going to have a successful relationship. Young women and ladies love to know how much you care about them so you need to remind her every day. Say it as often as possible but follow up with actions such as bringing her beautiful flowers or delicious chocolates. It is also good to let her know why you love her and what makes her so special. Conquering the heart of your lady is a matter of learning how to express and more importantly show your love to her.

9. Power of Gifts

Gifts are a powerful way to show someone how much they mean to you and girls especially love receiving them. If you have been apart for an extended period, it would not hurt to bring her something special. Of course, not just any gift will suffice; you must know your girlfriend well and bring her something that shows how well you understand her. She knows you have a busy schedule and when you take the time to think of her, it makes her happy. As soon as you can pop into a nearby shop and pick up her favorite thing. Remember it is not how much you spend but it is truly the thought that counts. A single rose or small box of chocolates can mean as much as diamonds or gold!

8. Girls Love Surprises

Never miss an opportunity to surprise her, most girls love it. There are several ways you could surprise her, show up unexpectedly to pick her up for a surprise date, or leave a love note on her car. If you are a good cook, surprise her with a home cooked meal. Again, it does not have to be a grand gesture, even picking up her favorite cup of coffee or shake after a long day of work can bring a smile to her face. Women and girls enjoy a little unpredictability in a man and these little surprises can make her day.

7. Her Favorite Place

What is the one place that always puts a smile on her face? Take her whenever you can even if you do not particularly care for the location. Some girls love an impromptu shopping trip, and if you are willing to take her, she will love you too! Do what it takes to make her happy. Each woman is different, for your girl it may be a trip to the beach, a concert in the park or a much-anticipated movie. By taking her to a special place, she will see that you understand and make her desires a priority.

6. Appreciation

Who doesn’t like to feel appreciated, especially by their partner? Your girl will feel amazing when you take the time to make her feel appreciated. Compliment her clothing, accessories or anything else she takes pride in. That last part is very important, if she is the type of girl that has a great fashion sense, appreciating her shoes will have a big impact. Of course, these are just a few examples, your woman may be an amazing cook, show your appreciation by commenting and then cleaning up after dinner! Remember to keep your compliments and appreciation real, in other words do not overdo it, it will come across as fake if you gush all the time.

5. Respect

It is not just a popular song, but the way to a girl’s heart. Respect is a foundational block to any relationship and it should be mutual. When you talk about her, remember it should always be done in respect. When you show her respect, you will receive it in return. This will be tested when you do not particularly agree with a decision or feeling she has, but it is a part of loving another human being. Respect is understanding you do not have to agree on everything!

4. Include the Family

For many girls family is an extremely important part of life. This means if you want to impress her, you should start with her family members. If you can impress them, you will win instantly with the girl you like. Start with the people she is closest to, this could be the parents or a sibling. Spend some time with them, invite them to a barbeque or take them out for dinner. Loving the family can cement your relationship.

3. Listening is Important

It has been said that girls talk exponentially more than guys, and that is okay but it means you may have to use both ears! Life is not all about your problems, she needs to vent about her work day and personal issues as well. You may have to spend some time listening to gossip from the office or neighborhood, but be prepared for the serious family issues as well. In some cases you could offer sound advice, other times you should just listen. Listening and talking together is a proven way to strengthen any relationship.

2. It May Take Time

Your time is the most valuable resource you possess and if you want your girl to love you, spend it wisely. Making time for the relationship is essential to its survival; in fact, if you are too busy to spend time on the relationship it is time to end it. Ask any woman you know what her number one complaint is about the opposite sex and you will find it is often lack of time. Leave your work at the office and find the time on the weekend to spend with her. She should get at least an hour of your time each day, which could be lunch or a simple phone call. Whenever possible, surprise her with a day trip away from work, family and any other stressors!

1. Love

The most important ingredient to any relationship is love, and all of the above activities are ways to express that love. Be spontaneous and romantic whenever you can and do not forget to hug, kiss and hold hands. Men sometimes make keeping a relationship more complicated than it really is, it is not the big gestures or moments that make a relationship, but the small ways you show your love, commitment and respect that will set your relationship apart from all the rest.

If you really want to impress her then consider clarity enhanced diamonds, luxurious diamond jewelry at a price you can afford. These are diamonds that have been treated to remove inclusions. The process results in an enhanced diamond priced considerably less than a natural diamond.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Women’s Clothing Online

In this day and age, we can buy absolutely everything online. This includes women’s clothing. There are pros and cons to buying women’s clothing online and it is important to be aware of these issues before you decide whether or not online shopping is for you. Let’s take a look at these distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Costs:   The costs are often one of the biggest incentives when buying this way. Many times the prices of the items are much cheaper than those found in high-street stores.

Comfort: As already mentioned, one of the greatest temptations that present practice is to do in your pajamas! Thanks to the sale of the online stores buy more than ever just look for the garment, the waist, put the address where you want me to send you and have your credit card handy!

Change of Use: While sometimes can fail, in most cases, brands or online stores making changes easier for us to stay satisfied and come back to buy!

The Cons

Sizes: This is usually one of the issues of concern to buy more because we can not prove virtually garments until you get home. This involves a bit of a blind purchase because although we know the appearance of the product can not know what our size or how we will.

Shipping: This is another issue that pesky as an increase to the price and often forces us to stay home that day until the product arrives.

The Disadvantages of Shopping Online

There are a number of cons to shopping online. These include:

  • You cannot try the garments on to see how they look and feel once on.
  • You do not receive your items straight away as you have to wait for delivery.
  • Returning a product can be problematic and lengthy, which is why you should only shop with a store with an excellent reputation for customer service.

The Advantages of Shopping Online

However, there are some very clear advantages to shopping online as well. These include:

  • Everything is a whole lot cheaper. This is because online stores do not have the overhead costs that regular stores do. They don’t have to pay for large premises, for lighting and heating, liability insurance, personnel costs and more.
  • You generally have a much larger range of choices, not just in terms of the types of items that are available, but also the different sizes. This is because online stores do not have the storage constraints that regular stores have.

Deciding whether or not to shop online is a personal decision, but most would say the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is mainly due to the amazing price difference and the reality is that we all want to grab a bargain when we can. For more information visit, you are almost guaranteed to find a great bargain there, on a range of exceptional clothing, including some of true world-class designers.

Seeking Professional Help for Skin Care

Moisturizers, serums, body scrub, the list goes on and on. Each of us uses these products each and every day, but sometimes it may not feel like enough. Seeking professional help for skin care can be extremely beneficial. Not only can they offer certain procedures that we are unable to obtain at home, but specialists will have answers to your questions and offer advice for both men and women on what steps to take in order to have healthy looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Some people are born with naturally smooth skin, if you are one of those people, I would love to meet you!  Unfortunately, many of us go through life with unwanted hair on our face, arms, breasts, chests, and legs. American Laser’s Downtown clinic in Philly is a great example of where you should be looking to remove hair and leave behind smooth, clear skin. While the shaving process is never ending and frequently causes you to be able to see the hair underneath the skin. Laser removes the hair from the follicle, so you will have flawless skin. The worst part about shaving is when you spend an extra 20 minutes in the shower trying to get every spot and then you step into the sunlight and there is hair all around your ankles! It is very easy to miss hair when you are shaving an area because most of the body parts are hard to see and reach. You will be treated by an expert who is carefully covering the full area being treated and can get to all those hard to reach places to make sure all the hair is gone.  Shaving also produce painful side effects like razor burns and bumps, cuts, and, ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal will eliminate having to deal with these side effects for good and will leave your skin feeling and looking beautiful.

Spas for Advanced Treatments

Spas are not only just for relaxation, but you can obtain advanced treatments as well. If you have serious wrinkles and creams have not reduced your fine lines, a chemical peel may be for you. Many people think that these treatments are harsh and can damage skin, but the truth is that they can literally erase decades of wear from your face and even remove acne scars and other hard-to-cover spots completely. For the most part, men spend less time caring about their skin than women, but they spend more time damaging their skin through outdoor activities and hazardous work conditions. This treatment could really benefit men because it is designed to be long lasting.  Chemical peels are designed for long-lasting beauty, so the maintenance is less compared to the alternatives. The effects will show in a couple of days when the dead skin has cleared. Microdermabrasion is another technique that can be helpful in the treating of common skin problems ranging from acne scars to sun damage and even more severe problems like hyperpigmentation. It rejuvenates skin, shrinks pores and even makes your make up look smoother. Microdermabrasion can be performed at most laser removal clinics and it is a painless procedure.


Another place to get skin care is the dermatologist.  Getting a decent facial at a spa is wonderful, but make sure to see your dermatologist for advice and to get your annual skin cancer screening.

Why the dermatologist should be an annual visit:

  • * Get advice

If you are a person who constantly switches up their routine and tries countless products, but just can’t find the proper skincare regimen. Quit guessing what might work on your skin and ask the dermatologist. After they examine your skin type, they will be able to put you on the right track. Without professional help, it is hard to find products that you need for a specific problem. A lot of times people self-diagnose and experiment, this can end up being harmful to your skin.

  • * Save Money

Going to a dermatologist can save money in the long run. Hopefully after receiving expert advice, you will no longer waste money on products that aren’t working. Also, the earlier the better when it comes to taking care of your skin. You will avoid more expensive measures in the future.

One of the most important parts of the human body is the skin. It is the primary covering of our body and thus, it is the first thing that people notice in another person. It is just important and a must that each individual should take good care of it.

Flowers Decoration For Charismatic Interiors

We all work hard to make our homes beautiful. We seek expert advice, consult interior designers, buy expensive furniture, shop attractive curtains, and hang appealing artworks. Besides these, there are a lot of other things that can freshen up your home at a very low cost. What make your home unique are not the expensive items that you put in, it is the personal touches you give to every space. Flowers and plants are the perfect way to add beauty and warmth to houses and make it reflect your personality. You can talk to a local florist for some astounding ideas and get your favorite flowers delivered at home to create magic with them.

Be careful in selection
Selecting the right flowers is very important if you want to create a gorgeous impact. Keep the flower type and color combination in mind. If your room is large and spacious, large flowers with tall stems will be a win-win but if the place is compact you should go for small florets. Floral arrangement is a test of your aesthetic sense and creativity, so don’t let you down. Lookup for some amazing arrangements online and flower shops, and use your ingenuity to give it a personalized look. Before ordering flowers from flowers free delivery takes a look at your room. If your room has a vibrant and colorful theme, soothing colors like peach, white, cream (roses, carnations etc.) with green leaves will suit your room well. On the contrary if you have a simple and sober color scheme, bright colored flowers like daisies and tulips will add energy to your room.

Styling the space
Choose your vase or container wisely. You can stick to the traditional vases and pick one from glass, metal, ceramic or get pitchers, empty jars; you can also experiment with fruits and vegetables like pumpkins and cabbages can prove to be great containers. Also, consider the position where you want to place the floral arrangement. Corner tables look best when adorn with long stemmed flowers, while dining tables, center tables should be decorated with short flowers or florets. You can also make lovely hanging floral décor for staircase grills, doors or at entrance, and hide breakages/ damages with this elegant technique.
There are countless ways to mix and match flowers on the basis of their color, shape, and size. Here are some of them. Take a look.

Blue and purple combo (Anemones and Tulips): If you are fascinated by Tulips, combine them with some blue and purple anemones and create a striking bouquet. Dark toned parrot tulip will complement the beautiful anemones really well. Anemones are popular flowers available during spring time in red, blue, purple and pink.

Pink delight (Fuchsia Roses and Lilies): Pink flowers give simple, elegant and feminine ambience and are ideal if you have a girl’s party at home. Collect some pink roses and Asiatic lilies and arrange them creatively in a square container.

Mauve and sunny pleasure (Chrysanthemums and Rhododendron): Mums are grown in dizzying array of colors, shapes and sizes, but you should definitely choose the yellow ones for your pastel themed room. You can also go for the soothing mauve cluster by mixing purple Rhododendron with mauve mums.