Top hairstyling tips for girls with curly hair

It goes without saying that curly hair is one of the hardest to tame. Because of the structure and rigidity offered by curly hair, it is essentially difficult to shape and style curly hair. Besides, curly hair tends to get frizzy far more often leaving girls with curly hair upset and unable to style their hair the way they would like. Although there are styles that can be adapted to suit curly hair, the entire styling process tends to get extremely time consuming, which can cost you a lot in this fast paced life. If you thought that styling your curly hair would take you over an hour, you must mull that over. You can achieve the snazziest of looks by simply spending 60 seconds on your curls. The following styling tips will ensure that your curls fall perfectly in place sans the unappealing frizz. For best results, you could consider to buy hairdressing supplies at Cool Blades to ensure luscious curls that make heads turn every single time and make you look effortlessly gorgeous.

1.)   An updo works best for curly hair:

This holds true especially if you are pressed for time and need your curls to work in your favour. All you need to do is collect your hair and scrunch it up into a ponytail. If you have a round face with a broad forehead, you must consider getting a few strands of your curls out so that they fall freely along your face and frame it well, thus giving an illusion of an elongated face. If you need to look more professional in your updo, you could add simple yet elegant pieces to your ponytail like chopsticks to elevate your appearance. Besides, for a classier look, you could tie your hair into a neat chignon. It works wonders every single time and barely takes a few minutes to do so. For a fun girls’ day out, you could select quirky hair clips and pins in vibrant colours to add a touch of cuteness to your entire look.

2.)   Leave it open:

If keeping your hair tied makes you feel sceptical about your looks, the best thing that you can do is keep your hair secured in a bun for a while and leave them open so that they get the desired flow and fall perfectly without any frizz. This is an extremely easy way to ensure that your hair is manageable for the rest of the day. You can always use a coin sized amount of serum before binding your hair into a bun so that it retains the shape when the elastic band is released.

3.)   Silk works best with curly hair:

Often, you may not find the time to style your hair early in the morning due to various reasons. Besides, you hair may tend to get much frizzier right after waking up in the mornings. Therefore, it is ideal that you shun your cotton pillow and replace it with a silk one. Cotton tends to wreak havoc on curly hair, making it frizzier and eventually, making styling your hair a herculean task. Silk, on the other hand works like a charm on your curls keeping it soft and smooth and extremely manageable to style. All you have to do is buy hairdressing supplies at Cool Blades.

4.)   A wide toothed comb is your best friend:

Always keep a wide toothed comb handy to brush your hair if you feel that your hair is getting too frizzy. It works excellently well on curly hair, keeping knots at bay. Besides, working a dollop of serum along the length of the hair can do wonders for your hair.

Author’s bio:

Pete Campbell is an intern and works as an assistant hairstylist of a very well known professional stylist and consultant. He prefers to buy hairdressing supplies at Cool Blades. He is also a freelance photographer and loves to listen to pop music of the 50s.